A working AI prototype in just five weeks?

We support your company in the fast implementation of your AI project

Three steps to your AI project

1. AI potential analysis

Together we determine the potential of AI for your company.

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2. Scouting and matching

On your behalf, we will search for suitable AI startups.

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3. Co-creation and AI-pilot

We support you working with your selected AI startup. Your goal is our goal: a working AI prototype for your company in just five weeks.

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Your advantages


Your AI pilot is realized in collaboration with an AI startup in just five weeks.

AI without your own data?

No problem! We advise you which AI applications provide you with added value even without your own data. We also help you to generate data quickly and easily and to use it for an AI application.

Cost efficiency

Your AI startup develops the AI pilot at a fraction of the cost. The services of the KI Lab Heidelberg are free of charge, as they are publicly funded.

Our partners

“Time-consuming, expensive and too complex” – these are the most common reasons why companies hesitate to use artificial intelligence.

Experience from 25 pilot projects between companies and startups.

From our experience with already 25 pilot projects between startups and established companies, we know: AI can be deployed in your company in as little as five weeks.


Paul Becker
Direction KI Lab Heidelberg

+49 178 19 18 168


The KI Lab Heidelberg supports you in…

  1. Identifying AI use cases in your company.
  2. Searching for suitable AI startups for these AI use cases and initiate initial discussions.
  3. Initiating a joint pilot project with the AI startup and coordinating the collaboration so that you can see initial results in five weeks.

The services cost you nothing because KI Lab Heidelberg is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism.
If you decide to do a pilot with a startup, you will define with the AI startup itself how much you want to pay for the AI pilot. The KI Lab Heidelberg will be happy to support you in this.

That is not a problem. If you would like to have more startups to choose from, KI Lab Heidelberg can initiate and expand the search again.
If, after reviewing all the startups, a collaboration is not an option for you for the time being, you have no further obligations.

There are numerous advantages to collaborating with startups.
In summary: Startups work very quickly, agilely, conscientiously and usually cheaper than large companies on innovative projects.

Companies must clarify questions about intellectual property individually with the startup. KI Lab Heidelberg is happy to provide support in this regard.

Yes, an NDA is a good idea if you want to talk openly about your internal company challenges and search fields with KI Lab Heidelberg.
In general, however, we are committed to confidentiality. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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